Artwork by Calgary artist Jeff Lyons

Playful Women Paintings

Fun art oil paintings of pretty women, girls. The art series is named 'girlfriends'. These are funky, colorful female portrait oil paintings; some portrait and some more figurative. Cute, colorful women portrait art paintings. I aim to create unique art portraits of women. The Girlfriends series. These are fun, playful oil on canvas paintings of women by self-representing artist Jeff Lyons.

Pop portrait art oil paintings of beautiful women. Girlfriends: Stylish, playful art portraits of fictional or fantasy women. Abstract, pop portrait art styles are used. I am a visual artist on twitter. These are cute, whimsical female art portrait paintings. Stylish naive art. Amusing, colorful female portrait oil paintings; great for hanging on your walls. Unique, delightful art creations of women. Abstract female portrait paintings. Fun art paintings of women. Original art wall decor. Oil painted pictures of female personas: cute, sexy, pretty women. Fun, joyful, artistic paintings of women, girls. Female art portraiture. Womens faces in paintings. Illustrative and cartoon artwork styles are used. These are stylistic, funky females with anime, cubism and cartoon art styles. Contemporary oil painted female caricatures by Jeff Lyons. Girlfriends is an artwork series of fictional women. Cute, girly, cartoony art paintings.

Female pop portrait art paintings. Big eyed girl paintings. Pop portrait art paintings of women and girls. Amusing female cartoon abstract artwork. These are illustrative female portrait paintings. Fun, colorful female caricatures available as original art paintings. Fun, funky and feminine art. Artsy images of pretty, adorable women paintings. These are oil painted pictures of females. I aim to create funky, joyful creations. An art series of cartoony art paintings of cute women and girls by Jeff Lyons. Female abstracts artworks, illustrative female portraiture paintings. Funky female characters as original artwork paintings oil painted by Canadian visual artist, portrait art painter Jeff Lyons. Artsy painted pictures of pretty, attractive women.

These are funky, whimsical art paintings of females. Illustrative Abstract female portraits oil paintings. I paint girls with big eyes, big heads and crazy hairstyles. Funky, whimsical, colorful art. Oil painted women illustrations.

pop surrealism painting pop abstract painting

Pop Abstract, Surrealism Art

Fun, bizarre surrealistic art oil paintings. Cartoon, surreal, outsider and abstract art styles. Fun pop abstract and surrealism art paintings. Some illustrative cubist art oil and acrylic paintings. Canada pop abstract artist Jeff Lyons. Surreal, abstract artwork paintings by Jeff Lyons. Surrealist artist, oil, acrylic painter from Canada. Artwork inspired by cartoon, abstract, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration and outsider art styles. Imaginative oil paintings. Unique, contemporary pop surrealism art paintings. 1996 - 2014.

Pop Abstract art paintings. Stylish outsider and surrealism art paintings that are also referred to as lowbrow, naive or stylistic outsider art. These are surreal, pop abstract artwork paintings by Jeff Lyons. He is an outsider abstract and surrealist artist, oil painter from Calgary, Canada. Pop surrealist art paintings. Surrealistic art oil paintings. Imaginative art by Calgary abstract art painter Jeff Lyons. Surrealist art oil paintings. Strange, weird art paintings. Outsider artist Jeff Lyons.

Also referred to as weird art, strange art, bizarre art, lowbrow art, creepy art or odd art paintings. Also referred to as odd, strange, bizarre artwork paintings. These are said to be lowbrow artworks or outsider artwork paintings. Oil and acrylic paintings by Jeff Lyons. I'm influenced by lowbrow, naive and pop surrealism art. Weird, strange art oil paintings. Playful abstract artist painter Jeff Lyons. Imaginative pop surrealism artwork paintings. Self represented artist, oil painter Jeff Lyons.

This painting, a Picasso art influenced female portrait painting titled Paloma 7. Jeffs colorful artwork has been described as whimsical art, surreal art and naive or outsider art. Unique, unconventional artwork paintings by Calgary, Canada oil painter Jeff Lyons