Calgary Canada artist, oil painter Jeff Lyons Artwork by

Jeff Lyons

Abstract Paintings

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cubist painting of lovers embracing
Embrace 2
Oil painting (30"x25"): CA$600.00
surreal fantasy painting
Oil painting (30"x30"): CA$650.00
Contemporary abstract painting
Kaotica 7
Oil painting (36"x36"): SOLD
ambiguous art painting
Kaotica 14
Oil painting (32"x32"): CA$900.00
bizarre abstract painting
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
Contemporary surrealism painting
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
strange abstract portrait painting
Dude 2
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
weird abstract art
Oil painting (22"x28"): CA$500.00
another strange abstract art
Oil painting (20"x24"): CA$400.00
abstract surrealism art
Oil painting (30"x36"): SOLD

Oil painting (16"x20"): CA$200.00
weird, goofy abstract art painting
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
surreal abstract artwork
Kaotica 4
Oil painting (30"x36"): SOLD

Embrace 1
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
strange abstract painting
Oil painting (22"x26"): CA$450.00

Abstract 7
Oil painting (42"x32"): CA$800.00
Colorful female art caricature paintings
Kaotica 5
Oil painting (30"x30"): SOLD
odd abstract painting
Oil painting (20"x18"): SOLD
Colorful female art caricature paintings
Oil painting (30"x30"): SOLD
mondrian comic book super villian painting
Abstract 9
Oil painting (32"x32"): CA$450.00

Strange, unusual abstract oil paintings by Calgary artist Jeff Lyons. In 1995 Jeff found his own art style with quirky, surreal imagery influenced by pop surrealism art, outsider art, cartoon and abstract art; artwork looking like it came from another planet. The artwork was intentionally ambiguous, foreign and nonsensical in nature, aiming to play with the viewers imagination.
Artwork ©Jeff Lyons