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Jeff Lyons

I am a self taught, self represented artist from Calgary, Canada. I started cartooning for fun when I was a child, eventually creating cartoons for my high school yearbook and local town newspaper. In 1987 I became interested in fine art and began painting. I have experimented with oil and acrylic paint, oil pastel, pencil, ink and digital mediums.
In 1995 I found my own art style with quirky, surreal imagery influenced by pop surrealism, outsider, cartoon and abstract art. I wanted my artwork to look like it came from another planet. The artwork was intentionally ambiguous, foreign and nonsensical in nature, aiming to play with the viewers imagination. These paintings are about eccentricity, nonconformity and individuality.
My first public art exhibition was in 1996 in Calgary, Canada. I have shown my artwork in 100+ locations since then. (View some art exhibits). A few exhibits were in Halifax as well. I started displaying my artwork online in 1998. has been online since 2003.
Inspired by women and positive public feedback, I began creating illustrative female portrait paintings (2001). A new, more extroverted art series emerged, which later became known as the 'girlfriends' series. My main goal was to create fun imagery that could appeal to a broader audience. These (mostly fictional) women painted are representations of individual female beauty and persona. This series also has it's own website:
The girlfriends series portraits led to public demand for commissioned custom portrait paintings. I've painted ALL people; men, women, children and couples. Sometimes, pets were painted. This kept me busy for many years, allowing me to pursue my art passion full time. I am not currently accepting commissions.
I am currently producing pop portraits, non-representational abstracts and ambiguous, surreal imagery (like my 1990's work). Though productivity has lagged over recent years, I have recently regained creative momentum. I aim to produce many new paintings. Bookmark this website ( to stay updated.

Some Media Coverage:

● 1998, 1999: FFWD magazine
● 1999: The Calgary Straight
● 2000: Avenue magazine
● 2002: Mt Royal College Journal
● 2003: The Calgary Herald
● 2004: Where magazine
● 2005: OnSpec magazine
● 2008: Rising Women magazine
● 2011: Rising Women magazine
● 2015: Shaw TV (Calgary)
Artwork ©Jeff Lyons
Calgary, Canada artist, portrait and abstract oil painter .