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Donna T

Can I just say that i think your work is amazing. I found you while searching for an artist that looks at hair, and although you don't specifically look at hair, the hair on your pictures are amazing. Just wondered if it was OK if i studied you for my final GCSE art piece?


Lisa loved the painting, absolutely loved it!! I think it is really going to make next Christmas hard for me because I do not know how I am going to top that painting. It was as if you saw the best qualities of us in the photo I sent you and exaggerated them, like Lisa's smile. Thank you again for all that you have done, you are an extraordinary artist.

Donna S.

 Your work is Incredible and I would like to know if its possible to find your work with your copyright, so that I may use it in our groups for art work. Awesome Work and very much admired, Thank You.


i was browsing google and stumbled across your site, i just wanted to say you are a very talented artist and compliment you on your work

groove generation
Perth, Australia

i stumbled across your web --- looking for an artwork we can use on our web (crediting the artist of course) --- although i didnt find anything quite suitable for what we need from your artwork on your website --- i just want to say that i think your work is absolutely fantastic!!! we're a Perth, Australia local cover band - playing predominantly alternative Funk, R&B, Soul & Dance music ----  i love all the female work that you have there but if i use them am sure the 5 guys with me in the band will not be hugely happy -- lol  .  anyway, more power to you ------ and would love to see more of your work on your web ---- so keep them coming.....

Hi Jeff, I've just stumbled across your site & would like to tell you i think your work is fantastic! if you ever need i model I'd love to work with you.
Take care Wendy x 


I'm Alice a 24 years old girl and I'm from Brazil. This email goes just to say I love your pictures! I found your website and I got amazed! I sent the link to my friends and they loved that! Keep doing a great job! Best wishes.

I love your girlfriends!! The pictures are beautiful and because I like to find different Pseudonyms I use the pictures for them. And the names are sure too very helpful! So, I'm a real fan of your art...
Many greetings from Amy

Kerry Sims
Denver, CO, USA

I am really enjoying "Emily".  I see something different every time I look at her ... a joyous character with subtle layers of complexity.  I see the girl in the woman who has only grown sweeter with maturity.  You have a true talent and gift for expression. Thank you.

Mainzeal Christchurch Reception

I also stumbled onto your website and I am impressed! Fabulous colours and most portray a sweet fun innocence. The poses of a couple that I found a bit too provocative were not ones I personally related to. But Ariel reminds me of parts of me so naturally was drawn to it!!

Sandra McHugh
Hollywood, FL

I stumbled onto your website and I do love your work...very beautiful! Love it!

Kelly Sue

You are an inspiration to me. Your work is interesting and engaging.


I just bought a house so I can't afford to buy but I can guarantee I will in the very near future! Your work is amazing, different, entertaining, comical, bright and fun. I absolutely love it. It's nice to see something different! What an inspiration for us aspiring artists!


I love your art! It's amazing!


As like alot of others I discovered your talented artwork by accident. My daughter had been on your site and told me of an amazing artist so I looked you up. My brother is an artist but unfortunately I can only admire. I truly love your Girlfriends and am seriously considering have you do a portrait of my daughter. I will be in touch. Congratulations, you are truly gifted.

Twin Cities, MN, USA

Just came across your site. Reminded me of Bette Boop/Patrick Nagel. I could see what I would look like! Thanks, Barb

Sinead Feeney & Colleen McBrearty

Loved the site especially the girlfriend paintings.. very useful for our art homework.. love you bye xx

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Hey Jeff, Want to thank you again for the wonderful custom portrait you did for Janet. She loves it and when our friends see it on the wall, they all Love it ! Thank you VERY much for this awesome piece of artwork ! 

Bryan Gibbs 
Calgary, Alberta 

Whoo! You know I'm a fan. I'm loving the new pieces, Jeff. I look forward to seeing more and more.


I looked at your paintings first before I read your goals and my goodness your have soooo achieved what you intended. Your paintings are alive and engaging, the artwork is unique and wonderful, and I smiled!!! Thank you!


wow...I was looking for some artwork on the internet and stumbled across your site. I am doing GCSE art and really like your style of painting, the work on here is amazing. nice one :) xxx 


Cute, pretty, charming, wonderful... It please me so much... J'adore!!! as we say in French. Thanks. 

Rachna Raghu 

I admire your work as an art student your work inspires me. I am 16 and studying art and i love the ways you use your colors to describe a persons personality and who they are. Indeed your work does entertain me it makes me smile. I would like to see more of your work.

Austin Sloan 
Spokane, USA

Thanks for sharing your artwork. Your artwork is very nice so keep up the great work. From another self taught artist.


So Beautiful!!!
Totally a different kind of caricaturing! 
Really love it! Your clipart is the best too! 


Hi Jeff  my name is Anas and I am from Syria but I live in Canada in Calgary.  I am here for 2 months ago u have a nice pictures. Every day i draw one from your pictures by white and black. 
I like it and all my friend like it too

Lynette Jordan

I too am a self taught cartoonist, & I live by if it isn't fun then I cannot paint it, I always say find someone else who can! I love your work


Love your Artwork!
First time on your site and I love the Girlfriends, Continued Success

Heather Perez 

I love your work!!!!! This is my first time on your site. I will be back ordering for sure!!! 


I first came across your artwork actually, during class time when some friends and I were slacking off and searching random things on google images. At the time, when I searched 'Ava', your painting popped up. Now I find myself ordering three of your prints! Awesome artwork and quite original.


Great work! I love your 'Girlfriends'. They remind me of my latest work. I was so please to see that you were also in Canada! Keep up the great work!


hi, was a little taken aback at discovering cartoons as art, but i agree with your artist statement. so cheers! check out my site. I bare my soul in abstract and naive ways too. ciao 

I cant wait to sell your work it is so awesome and I know the unique boutique I am in the process of getting off its feet is gone be a big success with the girlfriends.

This is the first time that I am on your site here. And all this is so beautiful !! Thanks very much for this. I come back. Greeting Sil

Rita Maynard 

Hi Jeff, I just discovered your wonderful work. And I wanted to say I love your girlfriend collection, they're great!! I will definitely being telling people about you....Have a great day.


I just wanted to let you know that your artwork is amazing~!! I wish I could draw like you do! The Custom portraits are like right on! Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work and i hope to bump into on the flipside. Hope your doing well.


Thanks for the great job you did on Hailey (She is the young girl in pink with the flowered backdrop) She has a prominate place on my wall. I can't help but smile when I look at it. She thinks she is famous since she saw her picture on your website.


Thanks for your permission in using your "Girlfriend Series" in my site. It fits so wonderfully in the scheme of a Women's support group that also likes to have fun!!!! I love your ARTWORK and the Women enjoy seeing the girlfriends as well as they represent the differences in women that we all have!

Laura Rodgers 
Estevan, Saskatchewan 

I lived in Calgary for a year, just off of 17 Ave downtown, and whenever I wlaked down it, I always saw your artwork. I couldn't help but stop and stare at it, it is just so beautiful! You do an amazing job and when I have established myself my first gift to myself will be a custom portrait done by you. , Thanks!

Ruth Palmer

Hey Jeff! I like to drop in to your site every now and again "just because". I love your stuff and I'm so proud of your accomplishments as an artist. My daughter loves to draws "girls" (she's 10). Anyways, just wanted to say "Hi" and keep up the good work. Maybe we'll meet some day in our travels!

Rich. ::terminalclick:: 

Your artwork is amazing. I like the way you developed through your early work to how you do it now. You're very talented.

this arts jeff are just amazing they have inspired me the most..and some of them is just so special..keep on the good work!

Indiana, USA

The women you paint are just stunning. They each have such a personality and allure to them that is so unique, and so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work with us!


Cool site. A psper's dream world actually. Thanks for letting us use your great art work. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

New Zealand
What wonderful work! You brought a smile to my heart with your whimsical, yet so very touching, "girlfriends". I'll look forward to coming back here for a "pick me up" moment with the girls. Thanks for sharing your work so freely with all of us.

New Hampshire, United States

Fun and fabulous. Playful, yet skillfully sketched. Each girl has a personality shining through. I love to visit regularly and just admire, it gives me inspiration for my own sketching and painting.
Thank you!


i was jus browsingt though art sites for random inspiration and thankfully stumbled upon this, this art work is amazin, i love the sketches n especially the abstract work its truely amazing and very inspiring! Great site!!

I was really amazed by this work I saw, what particually interest me was the scetches as this is where I work most. I was recommended viewing this website by a friend as they said it was similar to my unique stlye of drawing.
South Africa 

Just did some random browsing and I discovered this site, absolutely fabulous! Classic yet modern art, I'll definitely be a regular visitor to this site.
Tenesha Keyes 
United States 

I was research self portrait artists for my pottery class and I came across this web sit e and I love these paintings if I wasn't a poor college student I would definately buy Ava Maybe in the future :) 
Zwartsluis (Netherlands) 

Hello a very nice site
Have a nice day and fun
Greetings from Holland
Girl Here 

I totally love your art work. It's totally cool. Burst of enticing colours and fine details. All the best in what you do. 

Jeff, Loved the girls - saw so many of my girlfriends there! Great clean lines and so evocative.
Salvatore Di Giovanna 

Really nice work, I enjoyed my visit, and will 
do so again in the near future. I wish you all the
best with it. If you ever have time, 
check my website out. Hope to see you there 

I live off of 17th ave so I see your girlfriends everywhere. Have bought copies of Ingrid and Genevieve but my new goal...I WILL OWN SUMMER!!! I must have her! Of course I love all the girls but some just speak to me and I'm sure so many others feel the same way...

i love your work congratulations!


i lurve ur art...itis contemporary and GroooVy!! 


real cool


Your artwork is soooo cute! I love it, and the personal paintings are great! Keep it up.....


accidently stumbled into your site, it is awsome, u have just become my favourite artist.


Your girlfriends series is adorable! Possibly some of the cutest drawings I've ever seen.


hey jeff, long time no see, just looking at "Rasia" and thinking of you. looking at your on line gallery, and thinking i need to do a bit more buying! time for a custom soon. hugs and hisses.

Jeff Vieira

I'm an artist myself, and I just wanted to 
let ya know, I like your work. Very funny stuff, and I really like the fact that you are using oils. I love oils myself and I like what you're doing with them. Completely different approach than I take. I like it. Inspiring.

Chaelah Webster
Tisdale Saskatchewan

these are sweet paintings i saw a lot of them in Calgary in a tea shop!!!


OMFG those paintings not only show a creative and artistic side but they seem to show personality and that is one rare talent to have. Good-job with the art and keep up the amazing work.

I make sure I visit this place whenever I'm online-it makes my day to see such wonderful work 

Jodi Derksen
BC, Canada

Hello again, Just checking in to see if Jeff has any shows for the VANCOUVER B.C. area yet....still waiting!!!!!! still very excited!!!!! still want one!!! 

New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Jeff... I added your "girls" to my website and to places I do readings I see you have given permission. thank you...they sure are a hit and I hope many many ask me where I got them from --or visits my wishes and keep doing what you are doing... 


You are self-tought artist!! What kind of music do You compose? I think that Your pictures are somewhere between Salvador Dali and modern pop art, wich is very good combination. I also do paintings and I'am making music. These 2 "things" are very similar to do. Please tell me where do You sell your pictures and do You live just off making art? If You do - good.


Nice work. Your GIRLFRIENDS art is contemporary, fresh and a consistent body of work.

I just wanted to say how much I LOOOOOOVE my custom painting! It looks FABULOUS in my new apartment!! Thanks Jeff!!!!

This site is really good. I love your girlfriends! im a big fan of contemporary art and i take art myself at school in GCSE. Your art is really inspiring as ive not heard of many successful artists, except in the past. i hope you do well in your art and i wish you luck as your talent grows even more!!

I love your work! It's so fun and cute. A friend sent me here because she saw you had pictures titled Nora, Mali and Lelayna. You see, my name is Delilah Mali and my daughters are named Nora and Lelayna. We NEVER see the name Lelayna anywhere, so it's cool that's the name of one of your pictures. BTW how did you pick the names for your pictures? I'll deffinetly be ordering some of your work, it's great! I just love your art, keep up the good work! 

This website is great, I went on goggle and went on images of chloe and i found your picture of chloe and i found your whole website. I would appreciate it if you could please do a portrait of a girl called Courtney. She is my best friend and she was upset when you didnt have a portrait of Courtney. If you could please could it have blue eyes and blonde hair.I would like your artwork even more than i already do and it would be quite hard to do considering i love your artwork and you are my favorite artist. 
Jodi Derksen

Hello again, I was just showing off your "girlfriends". All my girlfriends love them..Oh yes were your new biggest fans. I want one so bad..I picture myself portrait to be featured around diamonds theme...maybe me checking out my ROCK!!!!!!! know how girls are with there jems.. Keep up all the wonderful creations. We enjoy your diversity in your collection of old and early artworks. Looking forward to your show in vancouver/lower mainland.
Jose Roldan

How did you find this website?: Inspiring
It is great to discover that someone from China also loved your "April" painting. Art joins the world. 
Thank you!! 
UAE -dubai

heeeeey what a coool drawing ... woow I really liked all of them.. they are really really so cool..
well doooooone 
Calgary, AB

How did you find this website?: google. Just wanted to say I love your paintings. 
I will have to get one sometime down the road.
Calgary, AB

Hi Jeff, 
Just dropping a note to let you know how much I love my portrait. It is so amazing. My friends all gush like mad. Thank you so much! Your talent is immeasurable.


Wow! Was just thinking about you and thought I would check out how your site and how things are going for you. 
Glad to hear you have a new studio!!! Yet again you have truly amazed me! Keep up the great work, you deserve your success. 


What a cool collection of paintings!
I really like your style. I love to paint also, but i'm just a beginner. You inspire me a lot. thank you.

Really cool and hopeful stuff...Quikky and mysterious, or fun and mischievous... Am gonna get one... Can't decide though....
April Chen

hi jeff! I'm from China and i happened to see your paintings! i really appreciate your marvelous works! wish you all the best! i love one of your paintings named April 

I love these girlfriends,can you make more girls with curly dark hair, I'm black and white! Love ya! 

This website was so awsome and fun who ever animated it is so talented !!!!!
James Hayes-Bohanan 

I received the posters today - Paloma and Paloma2. My daughter (Paloma, age 6) recognized the Picasso influence right away, and loved them. Your prices are so reasonable that you might consider better protecting the corners, even if it adds a bit to your price. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the good service. 

Truly amazing work.. bought a custom portrait of my girlfriend to start the new year and she loved it!!! 
Jade B 

Your style really is something! I'm also working in a commercial site of art field and find your way of art application as an inspiration. Hope to see more!! 

hey great site i love pop art so this was totally cool 

I absulutely love your work. The gorgeusness of the style is spectacular. Sarah is spiffing and also I adore Annie. Lots of Love and kisses and hugs darling
United States 

wow..... your work is amazing.... thats all i have to say. There really isn't much else to say. Its just amazing.

I love the whimsy and playfulness of your work. It's also very sexy at the same time. I'd use this work on my site in a heartbeat! 
Shirley Aka Jaishi 

Hi Jeff, I discovered your artwork a few months ago and I have to say I absolutely adore your girlfriends series. I keep a live journal at and just plugged your website. It's under the date of March 3rd (should you end up reading this way down the line :)). 
Talent like this should definitely be shared with the world!!!! 

I'd like 2 say hi 2 Kirsty and Chantal and 2 all of my mates at almond school. I love jeff lyons art and i like Chloe the best because she is so cool. I also like Veronica because she has such a cool hair style. 
U.S.A California 

You really have some talent on your work i am amazed by your drawings of art, I love it all you are the next generation. GREAT DRAWINGS!!! 
Tessa Neel 

I love your work. I will be contacting you about a portrait. I will spread the word. Thanks ! 
Sean, Kim 

Your drawings are very comic and non-satirical, rather full of compassions and love toward your world! I am having a lot of pleasant fun while visiting your homepage 

this site is wicked and the paintings are great. Your work is an inspiration to me and i will be using your work to base my GCSE coursework on, thanks!! 

Saw some good sites today, this is certainly at the top, thanks 
Iwan Wilke 
The Netherlands 

To see such nice paintings make me happy. 

Hi jeff, I recently discovered your art work whilst searching for art sites onthe internet! and it's so cool and differnet picasso style in a way! I loved the girlfriends series they are just fantastic and of great quality. I quiet like the Chloe one myself so I requested a big image of it so I could print it out! how long have you been painting for? I'm very interested in your work!
Calgary, Canada 

Jeff, I found your website by accident. I thought I saw some of your work around Calgary - but I never did ask anyone about the art I saw. I wasn't too sure and now I am. You are extremely talented and have many different styles (classic to obscure) and a piece of yourself is definitely in your art. You are brilliant!
When I can afford to get some art you will be one of the artist that will grace my walls. 

Courtney Mauger 
United States 

I recently discovered your Girlfriend Series when searching for a painting for a school assingment and I must say that I LOVE your work! and i'm really thinking about having a portrait done of myself
Artwork ©Jeff Lyons