Calgary Canada artist, oil painter Jeff Lyons Artwork by

Jeff Lyons

Abstract Paintings

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Pop surrealism, pop abstract oil painter Jeff Lyons
Kaotica 10
Oil painting (32"x32"): CA$850.00
unique surreal, abstract oil painting
Kaotica 12
Oil painting (30"x30"): CA$850.00
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Lowbrow, outsider art by Jeff Lyons
Kaotica 3
Oil painting (30"x30"): SOLD
cartoon pop surrealism painting
Oil painting (30"x30"): SOLD
funny art painting of fat man
Oil painting (20"x24"): CA$400.00
weird surrealism artwork
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
original pop surrealism art by Canada artist Jeff Lyons
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
pop abstract painting of a man
Dude 1
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
contemporary abstract art painting
Kaotica 11
Oil painting (42"x32"): CA$1000.00
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whimsical pop abstract oil painting
Oil painting (36"x30"): CA$650.00
suburban street map inspired art painting
Abstract 4
Oil painting (50"x38"): CA$1000.00
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artwork inspired by city street maps
Abstract 5
Oil painting (42"x32"): CA$900.00
silly pop abstract painting
Oil painting (20"x24"): SOLD
whimsical abstract male portrait
Dude 4
Oil painting (20"x24"): CA$400.00
pop surrealism art by artist Jeff Lyons
Oil painting (20"x24"): CA$450.00
pop abstract art
Abstract 3
Oil painting (30"x36"): CA$800.00
pop abstract art
Kaotica 8
Acrylic painting (48"x48"): SOLD
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bizarre, nonsensical art
Oil painting (20"x20"): SOLD
colorful patterned abstract painting
Abstract 8
Oil painting (50"x38"): CA$1150.00
artwork by Jeff Lyons
Kaotica 13
Oil painting (36"x30"): CA$800.00

Playful surrealism abstract art By Jeff Lyons. This is also referred to as weird art, strange art paintings, bizarre art paintings, lowbrow art paintings, creepy art or odd art paintings. Contemporary abstract art. People have said to be lowbrow artworks or outsider artwork paintings. Imaginative pop abstract artwork paintings. Non-conformist artist Jeff Lyons. Oil and acrylic paintings by Jeff Lyons. I'm influenced by lowbrow, naive and pop surrealism art as well as psychelic art. These are some weird, strange art oil paintings. Playful pop abstract artist painter Jeff Lyons. Trippy artwork by self represented artist Jeff Lyons.Pop surrealism, pop abstract oil and acrylic painter Jeff Lyons.
Artwork ©Jeff Lyons